Great images don't just happen. They are dreamed up, planned for, styled and take place in a dreamy location that coordinates perfectly with the chosen outfits. At Jacqueline Jo Photography we combine an obsession with fashion, love of photography and admiration for our chic clients to go beyond a typical family portrait session to create editorial worthy images of beautiful families.


Each session starts with a photography consultation to distinguish your family's unique style, tastes and home decor. It is important to figure out a specific wall space to hang the photos before they are taken so the color scheme of the images coordinate beautifully in your home.  From there a location is decided, whether it be in studio space, an outdoor field, a building with intricate architecture or maybe a set up within your own home.  The location is always custom to the client to meet the vision that is discussed.  


 From there an inspiration board is designed with styling selections that coordinate well with the decided location.  You will be able to envision what the photos will look like before any pictures are snapped!


This is where the magic happens.   We love to really get to know your family better to enhance the pictures.  Anyone can take a smiling picture but it is our goal to create artwork that truly represents your family.  


An in home post-design meeting takes place after the photos are edited to discuss wall gallery options. Interior designs are encouraged to join this session.

Take away the hassle of styling your family and picking a location for your photos and let us take care of all the details!  Thank you for considering Jacqueline Jo Photography. Let's create original artwork for your walls together!